776-Approve change to firework regulations

777-Set employee wages

778-To set contractor registration regulations

779-To amend the master fee schedule

780-Add trailer parking regulations to the code book



01-10-17-01-Approve appointment of Kittie Bucholz as an alternate to the Library Board

01-10-17-02-To reduce the mileage rate to $0.535

01-24-17-01-Arbor Day Proclamation

01-24-17-02-Approve bid from Ace Pipe

01-24-17-03-To approve appointment of Ethan Stiles to the FD

01-24-17-04-To approve making Tom Lamb a full-time police officer

02-14-17-01-To approve purchase of police supplies

02-14-17-02-To approve 1 & 6 year street plan

02-14-17-03-To approve increase in NHS impoundment fees

02-14-17-04-To approve participation in housing rehabilitation program

02-28-17-01-To approve Dog House SDL for August 22, 2017

02-28-17-02-To approve street closure on August 22, 2017

02-28-17-04-To change 457 plan trustees and administrator

03-14-17-01-To approve full-time employment of Adam Smith

03-14-17-02-To approve bid for AC installation in maintenance shop

03-14-17-03-To approve servicing of bobcat

03-28-17-01-Approve appointment of Bill Rotert to the Housing rehab committee

03-28-17-02-Approve appointment of Ray Savard to the Housing rehab committee

03-28-17-03-Approve appointment of Beth Lantz to the Housing rehab committee

03-28-17-04-Approve appointment of Greg Hall to the Housing rehab committee

03-28-17-05-Approve appointment of Russ Whitbeck to the Housing rehab committee

03-28-17-06-Approve spending up to $100 in keno funds for arbor day celebration

04-11-17-01-Approve part-time pd employment of Les Johnson

04-11-17-02-Approve increasing community match to Housing Rehab Grant

04-11-17-03-Approve contract with ASD Stanley J How architects

04-25-17-02-Approve appointment of Chris Erwin to the FD

04-25-17-01-Approve spending up to $5000 of keno funds on the historical day celebration

05-09-17-02-Approve part-time pd employment of Luke Metshke

05-09-17-03-Approve replacing Library heat pump

05-09-17-04-Oppose LB389




Agendas and Minutes

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